Quantum Science Seminar

What is this?

It’s a seminar on Quantum Science for an international audience that is broadcast via live streaming. We think that you should not miss out on hearing about the latest results even if all major conferences are cancelled.

When and where?

The seminar starts Thursday at 17:00 CET or CEST (Central European Time or Central European Summer Time) and is live-streamed on our youtube channel. Have a look at the SCHEDULE page for upcoming talks. The recorded talk as well as a copy of the slides will be made available for the foreseeable future on the VIDEOS page.

Who is this for?

We aim to find speakers who give great talks to broad audiences. If you are a graduate student or research scientist and think that your work is related to “quantum science,” then these talks are for you.

What’s the format?

The presentations will last for 45 minutes with an extra 15 minutes for questions. We will take a question break roughly half way through the talk and ask the remaining questions at the end of the talk. You can submit a question for the speaker via email to quantumscienceseminar@gmail.com. Questions will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis as time allows.

What should I do next?

Please let people at your institution know about these seminars and encourage your students to attend. If you would like to receive announcements and updates to the seminar schedule, please join our google groups email list, subscribe to our google calendar, and follow us on Twitter.

Where can I nominate a speaker?

Have a look at the NOMINATION page and send us an email at quantumscienceseminar@gmail.com.

What other seminars are there?

You should really have a look at our sister seminar, the Virtual AMO seminar, every other Friday at 15:00 EST or EDT (Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time). We actively collaborate with the VAMOS team and we aim to bring you an orthogonal set of talks.


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